Val Demings “Very Confident” Ahead of Election Day

val_demingsThe Demings Campaign released a memo Friday that shows Chief Val Demings with a commanding lead over her Republican opponent and outlining the state of the race for Florida’s 10th Congressional District.

“I am feeling very confident going into to the  election, but taking nothing for granted,” said Chief Val Demings. “I’ve been out all across the district, holding town halls, attending events, knocking on doors, and really talking to the voters about what matters to them. What they want is a leader who is going to go to Washington and put them first, and that’s exactly what I will do.”

The memo highlights the campaign’s best quarter of fundraising to date, and outlines a clear path to victory for Chief Demings.


To:                Interested Parties
From:          Caroline Rowland, Communications Director
Date:            FridayOctober 14, 2016   
State of the Race: Florida Congressional District 10

After an overwhelming primary victory in a crowded field of contestants, Chief Val Demings is well positioned to turn Florida’s 10th Congressional District from Red-to-Blue on November 8th. Recent polling, fundraising, and endorsements show Chief Demings is on track to be elected the next Congresswoman to represent Florida’s 10th Congressional District.


Val Demings has had her best fundraising quarter to date, raising over $325,000 since August 10th, bringing her Q3 total to over $475,000.

  • Cycle total: Over $1.3 million
  • Most common contribution: $25
  • Contributions to date this cycle: 7,891


Polling commissioned by the campaign in early October shows that Val Demings is significantly outpacing her Republican opponent. Below are key findings from the poll conducted by Global Strategy Group.

  • Chief Demings has a 38-point advantage in the race for Congress. Chief Demings currently leads her opponent 59% to 21%, with 20% of the electorate still undecided in the race
  • Demings has huge leads among key constituencies including Democrats (+69), black voters (+83), and women (+41).
  • Demings is well-known and popular district-wide. Chief Demings is known to almost 3 in 4 likely voters in the district, while her opponent is known to just 8% of voters.
  • Voters already define Chief Demings as a hard-working candidate who will get things done. A majority of voters in the district say that Val Demings possess the qualities they want in an ideal leader:
    • Almost two in three voters agree that Val Demings works hard, (66% describes well), gets things done (62%), and is honest and trustworthy (61%).
  • The likely electorate leans Democrat. The newly drawn district is friendly to Democrats, leaning Democratic on both party ID (52% D/38% R) and party registration (48% D/32% R).

Local and National Support

Chief Demings has earned the support of several local and national organizations since the primary election, including:

  • Democratic Veterans Caucus of Florida
  • Planned Parenthood Action PAC
  • Pride Fund to End Gun Violence
  • International Association of Firefighters
  • Sierra Club
  • League of Conservation Voters Action Fund
  • American Association of Retired Persons
  • Americans for Responsible Solutions
  • National Education Association
  • American Federation of Teachers

Leading Gun-Violence Prevention Advocate

Given her unique credentials and background in law enforcement, leaders and organizations all across the nation are recognizing Chief Demings as a top advocate and spokesperson for gun violence prevention. In July, Chief Demings spoke at the DNC Convention about the topic, sharing the stage with Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and other “Women of the House.” In October, Chief Demings was recognized by Congresswoman Gabbie Giffords and her organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions. Demings joined Congresswoman Giffords on the campaign trail in Orlando.

In Conclusion

Chief Val Demings won her four-way primary in a “landslide”, with 57% of the vote, and is poised to reach that same percentage of the vote or higher on November 8th. Chief Demings, a strong and effective leader, will be a fresh new voice in Washington for Congressional District 10.


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