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Triple 7 Expedition Breaks World Records to Help Children of America’s Fallen Heroes Get an Education

Legacy Expeditions, a veteran-owned extreme expedition company, celebrated the successful completion of its record-breaking Triple 7 Expedition upon landing its seventh skydive in Perth, Australia, finishing all seven jumps in only 6 days, 6 hours, and 6 minutes. Triple 7 Expedition wanted to help children of America’s fallen heroes get an education.

The team of nine former special operators broke two sets of records, each a day apart. They broke the six-continent team and tandem records on January 14th, in Abu Dhabi, in four days and ten hours: a record set in 2008 with a time of eight days and seven hours. Then, on January 15th, the team broke the seven-continent team and tandem records set in 2019 with a time of six months and four days.

The Triple 7 Expedition kicked off at Union Glacier Camp, Antarctica on January 9th. From there it was off to Santiago, Chile; Miami, Florida; Barcelona, Spain; Cairo, Egypt (over the pyramids); Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; and Perth, Australia. A final celebratory jump was scheduled to officially end the expedition in Tampa, Florida, home of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). Complete Parachute Solutions provided exceptional expertise from the first jump to the last.

Each jump honored a fallen member of the United States military. Honorees (in order beginning with Antarctica) include Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael Monsoor, Navy SEAL; Sergeant First Class David McDowell, Army Ranger; Commander Robert Ramirez III, Navy SEAL; Aviation Ordnanceman Petty Office Second Class Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy SEAL to lose his life in Operation Iraqi Freedom; Senior Chief David Lee Hall, Navy SEAL; Master Chief Petty Officer Louis Langlais, Navy SEAL; Sergeant Matthew Thomas Abbate, Marine Scout Sniper.

The fallen also include the 13 lost on August 26, 2021, during the withdrawal from Afghanistan: Lance Corporal David Lee Espinoza, Marine Corps; Sergeant Nicole Gee, Marine Corps; Staff Sergeant Darin Taylor Hoover Jr., Marine Corps; Staff Sergeant Ryan Knauss, Army; Corporal Hunter Lopez, Marine Corps; Lance Corporal Rylee McCollum, Marine Corps; Lance Corporal Dylan Merola, Marine Corps; Lance Corporal Kareem Nikoui, Marine Corps; Corporal Daegan Page, Marine Corps; Sergeant Johanny Rosario-Pichardo, Marine Corps; Corporal Humberto Sanchez, Marine Corps; Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz, Marine Corps; Hospital Corpsman Third Class Max Soviak, Navy.

The Triple 7 jump team includes Mike Sarraille, retired Navy SEAL, former Recon Marine, and CEO of Talent War Group, and Andy Stumpf, retired Navy SEAL, and former wingsuit world record holder. Both Mike and Andy are co-founders of Legacy Expeditions. Also on the team is expedition lead and retired Navy EOD, Nick Kush; Fred Williams former Navy SEAL, President/CEO of Complete Parachute Solutions; Mike Barker, retired Navy SEAL and professional skydiver; Logan Stark, former Marine Scout Sniper and vice president of media at Black Rifle Coffee Company; Jariko Denman, retired Army Ranger and director of media production at Black Rifle Coffee Company; Glenn Cowan, retired Canada JTF-2 operator and CEO of ONE9 Venture Capital; and Jim Wigginton, former Marine, private equity executive, and the current world record holder of the ‘7 Continent Tandem Record’ that the Triple 7 Expedition broke.

A feature documentary of the epic, record-setting expedition is in production. The documentary crew was led by Dan Myrick, the writer and director of The Blair Witch Project, and cinematographer Kevin Burke.

Legacy Expeditions is an adventure capital firm founded to bring adrenaline-filled expeditions to life while honoring the memories and legacies of America’s fallen and Allied Troops lost during the Global War on Terrorism.

Triple 7 Expedition sponsors include: Frog Fuel, Peter M.D., Black Rifle Coffee Company, Ventus Respiratory, WHOOP, Arc’teryx LEAF, Salomon, Resco Instruments, Men’s Journal, The Men’s Journal Everyday Warrior Podcast with Mike Sarraille, Complete Parachute Solutions, Parachutes for Patriots, ATTA, Fieldcraft Survival, Talent War Group, Cleared Hot with Andy Stumpf, and Allegiance Flag Supply, Dr. Parsley’s Sleep Remedy, Western Digital.

Folds of Honor is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides educational scholarships to the spouses and children of military members who have fallen or been disabled while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

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