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Tour of Toxins: 1 Year Anniversary of Doral Trash Incinerator Fire

A “tour of toxins” will be given by activist group Florida Rising in Miami to raise awareness, as February 12th will be the one year anniversary of the Doral Trash Incinerator Fire. The fire burned for three weeks last year, releasing dangerous concentrations of toxic pollutants and chemical contaminants across South Florida.

To raise awareness about alternatives to Miami-Dade’s solid waste program, Florida Rising is hosting a Tour of Toxins, starting at the site where the blaze engulfed the incinerator, and ending in Homestead at a composting facility.

The group said the incinerator was owned by Covanta Energy, a New Jersey-based company that still operates eight facilities in Florida, and Florida Rising said it is known for using outdated/malfunctioning air quality monitors.

Florida Rising added that 70% of trash incinerators in Florida are located in historically marginalized communities. The small size of particulate matter means that even people hundreds of miles away are at risk of exposure and illness.

The group is asking voters to support legislation HB 1631/SB 1606 to hold solid waste-to-energy facilities accountable for ensuring clean air for all Floridians.

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