The Rainbow Movement: Rainbowland Documentary Receives Overwhelming Response

In May of this year, The Rainbow Movement Foundation, a nonprofit based in Cape Coral, Florida, launched “Rainbowland,” a documentary film by William Ulrich that gave him the opportunity to tell the story of his life-changing rainbow experiences.

As an open letter to his granddaughter, the film, which has been selected by numerous film festivals throughout the world and was just awarded “Best Film” in the Siren of the Sea Film Festival Series & Screenwriting Competition, is the true story of the founding of the Rainbow Movement as told by its founder William Ulrich. Ulrich says he was inspired by a series of rainbows he considers miracles to change his life. He also says he believes there is more to the meaning of rainbows than a basic scientific explanation can provide. To him, these experiences appeared to be sending a message, and his journey since his rainbow experiences is awe inspiring. In late 2020, he developed the Foundation’s environmental initiative, GlobalConscience.World, to build a worldwide movement of people working together to advance awareness and understanding of the climate crisis. To date, GlobalConscience has more than 150 volunteer ambassadors in 52 countries, as well as partner organizations from around the world, all working toward the common goal of creating a healthier and more prosperous environment for future generations.

“The rainbow experiences gave me the ability to do things I never thought I could do,” Ulrich says. “They inspired me to go beyond myself, to look at the goodness of the world, and to do what I can to help humanity. I am thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response from the film festivals that have selected the film, especially those that awarded us prizes, and I consider the film’s success another miracle.”

Since launching, the film has received impressive critiques that include awards from the Lacorne International Film Festival; Auber International Film Festival; Argenteuil International Film Festival and the Silk Road Film Awards, Cannes.

The film was just awarded the highest honor at the Siren by the Sea Film Festival Series & Screenwriting Competition, is a semi-finalist at the Boden International Film Festival, and a nominee for the Miracle Makers International Film Festival.

Other festival selections include the American Golden Picture International Film Festival; the New York Independent Cinema Awards; OTB Only the Best Film Awards; First-Time Filmmaker Online Sessions; Miami Independent Film Festival; Lift-Off Online Sessions; Miracle Film Festival and the Cosmic Film Festival in Orlando.

The film can be viewed free at

If you are interested in the work of the Rainbow Movement or would like to become a volunteer Ambassador for GlobalConscience.World, their environmental initiative, please contact Maggie Goldsmith, 239-470-6345.  Additional information about the Rainbow Movement Foundation and GlobalConscience.World, can be found on their websites,  RainbowMovement.World and GlobalConscience.World.


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