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Pharoah’s Police Force

The Gantt Report:

I want to apologize in advance. This week I’m writing one of what I think is one of my most important columns but I am writing with a very heavy heart for a couple of reasons.

First, I want to wish the Editor and Publisher of The Pensacola Voice, Jackie Miles, a healthy and speedy recovery from a significant health issue. If you don’t know, Jackie and I are sort of like sister and brother. We have worked together, traveled together, fussed and fought on more than one occasion but we continued our love and support for each other. The Pensacola Voice has been one of the strongest supporters of The Gantt Report in the Sunshine State. Get well soon girl!

On a more somber note, one of my very best friends and a long time business partner, Vernon Bailey, has taken his final journey to The Land of Plenty. In my darkest hours and my lowest points in life, Vernon was always there for me with a kind word, a smiling face and even a dollar or two if I needed it. He was one of the best husbands and fathers I have ever known and a true professional, an electrical expert and a construction manager and engineer for NASA and also for the Federal Government. Vernon’s spirit will live on in me and in his beautiful wife and everyone else that loved him. Rest in peace, my brother!

Now, I am a messenger and I know well how some folk like to attack the messengers.

Colin Kaepernick is a messenger too.

I talk about beasts and devils at the drop of a hat in some of my messages but Colin Kaepetnick’s message about police misconduct was soft, subtle, dignified and given in accordance and in recognition of his, and also your, Constitutional right to protest.

Colin Kaepernick is getting hate far and wide because of his response to questions about why he did not rise during the playing of the National Anthem before professional National Football League contests.

Haters ask the messengers, “What is the solution” to violent confrontations between Black Americans and law enforcement officers?

Well, the answer is Jesus!

No, I’m not talking about Mary’s baby, the lion of Judah, the bright and morning star or the lily of the valley.

I’m not even talking about what fake preacher’s call the Holy Ghost.

I’m talking about what Jesus called himself, THE TRUTH!

To solve the problem of police shootings and killings of innocent, unarmed Black men, women and children, all everyone has to do is tell the truth! Jesus said he was the truth, the way and the life!

Let me explain. Hopefully in a way everybody can understand and then, perhaps, in my way.

Back in the day, the Biblical Pharoah had a huge group of law enforcers.  The Pharoah in ancient Egypt was the political and religious leader of the people and held the titles ‘Lord of the Two Lands’ and ‘High Priest of Every Temple’.

Not all, but many of Pharoah’s lawmen would beat, whip, lie on and cheat on people who had committed no crimes at all.

One day the good people decided to leave Pharoah’s Kingdom and seek safety on the other side of the sea.

Well, Pharoah ordered his “army” of police officers after the good people trying to get away from misconduct, injustice, murder and law enforcement mayhem and misconduct and ultimately the people were saved when Pharoah’s army of bad cops and, read carefully, the “good cops” that supported the bad cops drowned in the Red Sea!

The sea was blue, not red. It became “red” when Pharoah’s army of bad cops got killed and bloodied the water!

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not suggesting that cops get killed, I’m telling you in a nice way that police murder and misconduct will never be stopped until good policemen stand up and stop bad policemen themselves!

Every employee in America’s police departments know who the bad policemen are on their police force. The chief knows, the patrolmen know, Internal Affairs staff knows, legal counsel knows, the Prosecutor knows, even the secretaries and the janitors know the cops in the department that are disrespectful, trigger happy, biased and those cops that are liable to take the law into their hands and murder or maim innocent law abiding citizens of any race, creed or color!

The good police officers need to stop being police punks and point out to the world which cops prefer to shoot and kill rather than to protect and serve!

Terrorists, in most cases, don’t get murdered, white children don’t get shot and killed and white women don’t get found hanging by their necks in jail cells.

Why are Black people, more often than not, shot just because they are Black?

I’m not a “threat” and I don’t know any Black people that are threats just because of the way they look.

Innocent cops died when Pharoah’s police force drowned in the Red Sea and innocent cops will be killed in your city or town if they don’t help the people get rid of the bad cops!

You already know how I feel about city officials and county Prosecutors that use taxpayer money to defend police devils but the “good cop” lies go far beyond that. Even the President of the United States is hesitant and reluctant to say a word about bad cops that could and should be charged and punished for murderous acts that take place under the color of law enforcement.

Every time a bad cop murders a Black person, the people you love can’t wait to go on TV or radio and talk about why African Americans should support the people that put their lives on the line to protect and serve Black people.

Well, I say support the people in law enforcement that support you and support the Black community and the number one way police officers can show that they support Blacks and everybody else in America’s communities is to abandon and discredit the police “code of silence” and point out the cops that enjoy pulling the trigger on people just because of their skin color, their religion, their sexual orientation or what they believe in.

If Colin Kaepernick doesn’t play another down in the NFL, he is going down in history as the guy who inadvertently exposed more racists than any other man in modern history!

I don’t know what will happen to The Gantt Report or me. I’m just a messenger that tries to tell the truth!

Good cops should join good people begin the process of building and forming police departments that hire and employ officers that protect and serve everybody!

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