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Easy to Lie

The Gantt Report:

I own two businesses and I’m a Managing Partner in a third firm. At least 90% of the business people I deal with are perpetual liars!

People wanting to trade in commodities lie about having, gold, silver, sugar or other commodities, they lie about having money to buy commodities, they lie about being end-buyers or end-sellers and they lie about being RWA (Ready, willing and able) to do a commodity trade.

People wanting asset management, lie about having sufficient assets to manage, they lie about having necessary financial instruments to invest, they lie about being owner’s of assets or signatories on asset accounts they lie about having cash assets as opposed to having callable bonds or some similar kind of assets.

The world is full of false prophets, false communicators, misnomers, misleaders, bamboozlers, cons, fakes and outright liars.
No disrespect to members of the Bar, but lawyers hate guys like me. For one, I can represent myself in pre-trial proceedings and secondly, I would never fall for lawyer lies like, “the state attorney would never agree to that” or “the judge will surely convict you if the case goes to trial”!

Lawyer’s don’t like me because I’ll say, “OK counselor. Put what you just said in writing so I can ask the judge how in the hell does my lawyer know how you’ll rule in a case that has never been brought before you?”

Used car salesmen, real estate agents, health care providers, drug users and sellers, baby sitters and many other people have been suspected at one time or another as liars.

But to me, the very biggest liars are the lying politicians!

How can you tell when a politician is lying? Almost every word that comes out of their mouths is a lie!

I don’t take political misrepresentation personally because I know that lying is a tactic used by both good public servants and bad ones.

For instance, if a politician says in an ad, or to your face, that he will insure that more money will go towards education, defense, health care or anything, it is a lie because on one politician, no Governor or even no President, determines what governmental appropriations should be or will be.

Governmental bodies like legislatures, commissions, councils and so forth have to vote on governmental budgets and appropriations, individual politicians cannot set or determine spending.

Politicians “love” you during campaign time. They visit your school, they visit your church and they may even knock on your door but after the election, you’ll be able to see an elephant fly before you can get in to see your so-called representative!

Candidates are advised to go as negative as possible and delight in calling each other crooks, cheaters, criminals and haters.
Some of those descriptions might be true but for the most part political facts reported by opponents are twisted, turned and flipped more than gymnast Simone Biles flipped to get her Olympic medals!

You will probably never hear a politician say, “I won’t be a puppet of a political party. I will be accountable to you” or “I won’t be controlled by lobbyists and campaign contributors, my allegiance will be to my constituents”.

Whatever lie the political parties and big campaign donors tell candidates to tell you is the lie you’re going to get!
And the sad thing is you don’t even have a clue when you’re being lied to!

You have been tricked, fooled, conned and misled. You have been voting for a better day and every election year you end up with the S.O.S., and I’m not talking about the signal of distress!

Why should anyone in your life tell you the truth when it’s easy to lie?

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