That Cat Ain’t Loyal

The Gantt Report 

It makes no difference how many boxes of Arm  Hammer cat litter you buy, it doesn’t matter how many bags of Kibble and Bits you buy and you can purchase as many cans of Special Kitty cat food you want to buy but it’s hard to control a cat because that cat ain’t loyal!

The cat you like may be a hood cat, an alley cat or a championship show cat but it is nothing you can do to get that cat to do what you want or play with you when you want some cat play time!

When most guys see a cat they want to play with they try to get with the cat owner.

You can rub up on the owner like a cat will rub on you, you can take the owner out to dinner, buy the owner cards and flowers and all of that might not get you anywhere!

You have to get the cat excited. The cat enjoys foreplay just as much as the cat owner does! You can tell when the cat is ready to play by how moist the cat becomes.  A wet cat is good but you don’t want too much moisture because you don’t want to drown on the play ground!

A happy cat owner will have a happy cat! Be careful though! Happiness from taking that romantic vacation may only last a day or two after you get home. Happiness from getting that diamond ring will diminish once the cat owner’s girl friends stop talking about it. And, happiness from having a good, an honest and a respectable hard-working man is not necessarily enough to keep the cat home where it belongs!

You see, cats sometimes like to stray. If you let your cat outside she may run around for days before she feels that home is where the heart is.

When you see a stray cat running around the neighborhood with a big fluffy tail, like a whale, a nice head of cat hair and some acrylic claws you might think to yourself how good it might be to hit that cat. Not hit as in kitty domestic violence, you want to hit like you hit in a love spank!

But you can’t hit every cat you see when you see cats you like. You more than likely will have to wait a minute. Your best chance to hit a new-found cat is when you catch the cat owner at a vulnerable time.

Some guys wait until 2 or 3am at the club when they think the cat owner is drunk. But it may be best to show a cat owner some love when she feels unwanted. Another good time to catch a vulnerable cat owner is when she is ready to do some payback! It’s easy to get some OPP when a man cheats on his woman time after time.

Even if you get lucky, remember a cat will be the kind of cat that the cat wants to be! If a cat wants to be Catwoman, there is nothing you can do. If a cat wants to be Thunder Cat, there is nothing you can do. If a cat wants to be the hot cat and hook up with anybody every time she goes in heat there’s really nothing you can do.

You will never be able to control a cat because that cat ain’t loyal!


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