Strike While the Iron Is Hot with New Dating Wearable Technology

Dating apps are facing their new competition: a company is eliminating virtual dating and bringing back real-life encounters with their newest dating technology, Strike.

Based in the sunshine state of Florida, Strike is launching a dating wearable that notifies users the moment a match moves into their immediate proximity, ultimately promoting an instant, face-to-face meeting on the spot. The cutting-edge technology was developed to bring back the excitement to dating and is now available in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Imagine walking down the street, when your phone alerts you that a match is currently somewhere within eyesight, providing you with the matches profile picture. This enables users to spontaneously meet their match on the spot, with zero effort involved, while granting candid insights on potential chemistry.

The Strike Scout, a new dating wearable

Strike has set itself apart from its competition by wholly eliminating time consuming swiping and impersonal messaging. Instead, the small but mighty wearable designed to be worn as a keychain, is intended to remove meetings from screens and transition them into the real world.

Recent studies have found that 55% of dating apps users have had negative experiences with common dating apps, and further studies even revealed a harmful impact on mental health. Driven by a passion to promote healthy, personal relationships, Strike is aiming to change the dating landscape by combining modern technology with old school encounters.

“No dating app can replicate the excitement and chemistry you feel when meeting someone in real life,” said Dirk Bohnes, CEO and founder of Strike. The team believes now is the right time for people to re-engage and establish new relationships.

“After Covid, singles are longing to re-emerge from social isolation and finally meet the one,” he added.

Love what you’re reading? Strike has launched a Kickstarter campaign, with early access to the technology and exclusive specials up to 25% off retail price. Or check them out online and explore the future of dating with Strike.

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