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Local Student Puts Orlando on the National Science Map

Orlando student Ajay Sawant awarded trophy by Executive Director of IAC David Madden; 6th grade National Science Bee Winners (left to right): Ajay Sawant (5), Rohan Mallick (3), Bhaskar Moorthy (1), Maksim Begar (4).

Over 1,200 of the best and brightest students in the United States met in Orlando, Florida, from June 17th-21st for the 2022 National Championships of the National Science Bee, National History Bee and Bowl, US Academic Bee and Bowl, International Geography Bee, US Geography Championships, and other events.

After five days of nail-biting, buzzer-based and exam competitions, the 2022 National winners emerged across elementary and middle school categories for various competitions.

Ajay Dudani Sawant, a 6th Grade student at Orlando Science Schools, won 3rd place in the National Physical Science Exam and 5th place in the National Science Bee, helping put Orlando on the national science map.

“This was Ajay’s first time competing in the National Science Bee – it was the perfect Father’s day gift,” said Ajay’s proud dad Danny Sawant.

Facing tough competition from experienced players, Ajay progressed through the Regional competitions and placed in the top six students for the final round in the National Science Bee for 6th grade students.

“I was lucky that I qualified for Regional History Bee at school and through that my mother discovered there was a Science Bee,” said Ajay, who is already setting his sights for 2023!

Besides a keen interest in chemistry, physics and general science, Ajay is also a black belt in martial arts. He is looking forward to more such competitions in years to come.

This national competition was conducted by International Academic Competitions and attracted students from top schools around the nation for the 5-day event in Orlando.

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