Sniffing Out Pet-Friendly Hotels

A road trip really is better when you have a furry family member beside you. Travel is on the rise again. However, many pet parents are concerned about taking their pets along when they travel. One big worry is whether they’ll be able to find pet-friendly hotels to stay along the way.

Kim Salerno, President & Founder of, has traveled extensively with her pets. She knows the “ins and outs” of finding a great hotel to accommodate everyone’s needs, and she assures pet parents that it’s easier than they might think. “I have found many gracious, accommodating, pet-friendly hotels, in every type and every price range,” she affirms.

It’s important to note that no matter where you go, hotels welcome pets that are properly socialized and well-behaved, and in places where they are not prohibited by law. Here are Kim’s top choices for pet-friendly hotels, based on pet policies, fees, amenities, and her overall personal experience.

Economy & Mid-Range Hotels:

Motel 6
It’s iconic, and more importantly for pet travel, it’s everywhere. “You can find a Motel 6 along every major highway in the U.S.,” Kim notes. “Not only is it a bargain and a convenient place to stay, it’s a great choice for furkids.” Pets of any size and breed – even multiple pets – are allowed to stay here at no extra charge.

Red Roof Inn
Any hotel with a motto like “You Stay Happy, Pets Stay Free” is going to mean great things for your pet. Red Roof Inn has 500+ locations, and each one allows guests to bring one pet, at no extra charge. “This is a truly pet-friendly place,” asserts Kim. “They even have a fun Facebook page called Red Roof Luvs Pets that displays their specialized ‘Red Woof’ pet logo.”

My Place Hotels
My Place Hotels are a top choice for convenience, comfort, and value. They are usually located near pet-friendly places to shop, hike, and explore with your pet. “This up-and-coming hotel chain offers many pet-friendly amenities at a low cost. I love that their hotels have on-site areas where my dogs can do their business, and the poop bags are provided!” Kim states. The pet fee is only $10 per night, per pet, with dogs and cats welcome at every location. Up to 2 pets can stay with their pet parents in modern and comfortable guest rooms.

Candlewood Inn & SuitesCandlewood endears itself to pet parents in many ways. “This is a great hotel for extended stays with pets,” says Kim. “Every location allows multiple pets of up to 80 pounds each. There is a pet fee, but it’s pretty reasonable. It goes by a sliding scale that depends on how long you stay.” It’s the little things that count, though: each location offers a designated dog relief area, complete with waste bags. Well-behaved pets are allowed to stay in rooms unattended. In addition, the hotel provides pet parents with a magnet to put on their doors, which alerts the Candlewood staff that your pet is a guest in the room.

Luxury Hotels:

W Hotels
This luxury hotel gives both humans and pets the royal treatment. Their P.A.W. (Pets are Welcome) program delights four-legged guests with a welcome packet, featuring toys, treats, a specialized W Hotels pet tag, waste bags, and a list of pet services offered by the hotel. Rooms that host pets provide them with a custom pet bed, food and water bowls, and tasty turndown treats made just for them.

W Hotels have varying pet policies, and their pet fees are sometimes higher than other chains. However, Kim has personally found the added expenses to be worth it. “If you really want to travel well, and you’re going to pull out all the stops, the services this hotel provides are definitely worth the fees.”

This hotel chain really goes above and beyond to accommodate every type of pet. In fact, Kimpton’s motto is “if your pet fits through the door, we’ll welcome them in.” Kimpton has a range of boutique hotels in a wide variety of locations, and they have no restrictions on the breed, weight, or even type of pet that is welcome. “The staff at one of the Kimptons told me that one of their regular guests frequently visited with her pot-bellied pig,” notes Kim. Plus – and this is a big plus for a luxury accommodation – pets stay free!

Loews Hotels
Loews Hotels is all about luxury, for people and their pets. The Loews Loves Pets Program provides pets with welcome gifts, such as a name tag, a bowl, and tasty treats. The hotel will gladly lend you a pet bed, or even a scratching post, and make recommendations for nearby dog walkers and pet sitters. Kim’s favorite amenity? Room service! “Loews Hotels have special doggie room service menus with vet-approved selections that my pets love,” she says. “We enjoy relaxing and dining in together, especially during a hectic trip.” Loews does have a limit of two pets per room, and while pet fees begin at only $25, they vary between hotels.

Universal Orlando Resort features several Loews pet-friendly hotels, so yes Loews loves pets even on vacation at Universal!

So, whether you’re seeking pet-friendly accommodations that are low cost and no frills, or places to stay that are truly luxurious, there’s a great option out there that’s perfect for you…and your pet!

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