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Senator Bobby Powell to Governor Ron DeSantis: ‘Apologize!’

State Senator Bobby Powell, as Chairman and on behalf of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus, called on Governor Ron DeSantis to apologize for his “unacceptable remarks” supporting podcast host Joe Rogan’s use of racist slurs, as well as what Powell calls the Governor’s encouragement of Rogan to continue such behavior.

“Governor DeSantis said: ‘Don’t give an inch. Do not apologize. Do not kowtow to the mob. Stand up and tell them to pound sand,'” said Senator Powell. “It is Governor DeSantis who now owes the apology. People throughout Florida and our nation outraged over the ignorant use of racist slurs by a man in a position of great influence are not a mob lusting for blood. They are a collection of individuals demanding human dignity and respect – something our Governor will not, or cannot understand.”

Florida Democrats and the Black Caucus are trying to brand the remarks by Gov. DeSantis as “highly inflammatory” and say they are the latest salvo from the governor in a long line of attacks against minorities in Florida. Democrats are saying Gov. DeSantis made his remarks to ignite culture wars as part of a political strategy, and one they say he wants to use to ultimately run for the White House. According to Democratic critics, Republican Gov. DeSantis said Rogan “shouldn’t have apologized” for repeatedly using a racist slur and making other controversial comments on some of his podcast shows.

“From the beginning, his tendency has been catering to his ultra conservative base by tearing down and tearing into the rich diversity of Florida, eroding the freedoms every one of us is entitled to as Americans,” added Senator Powell. “He has attacked his first amendment rights, voting rights, the teaching of Black history, LGBTQ identity, and Hispanic and Black Congressional representation. Yet he protects his own spokeswoman’s shielding of neo-Nazis, and now the use of a dehumanizing slur rooted in slavery. Every one of these tactics is entrenched in the disparagement and oppression of those who don’t look like him, don’t act like him and certainly don’t think like him. This isn’t a governor of and for the people. This is a governor who views the people as the enemy.”

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  1. Yes, Gov. Ron deSantis needs to apologize. He needs to check what century we are living in at the moment as well. He needs to stop saying parents know more about corona viruses so they can choose whether their child needs to where a mask. Because of this short list of ignorant knowledge he has I call him Gov. Dick deMentia. It’s literally like the Governor has dementia. He really needs to stop passing misinformation, one of the most prolific people who does so. He’s great at partial truths given with totally incorrect information. Go ahead, look up if what he is saying is true. Don’t forget to use reliable sources.

  2. I agree with Patrick. Your sources, and agree with your beliefs or burn in hell. THAT is the exact mentality that DeSantis is opposed to, and why he supports Rogan’s right to free speech and critical thinking. Speaking of which, do you even know the context with which Rogan was using the word? No, you don’t. You’re just part of the woke mob, outraged for the sake of outrage. He wasn’t using it as a derogatory word (calling someone a *) he was simply referencing the use of it. The same way that “n-word” is used today.

    Your attempts at talking down to those that disagree with you (or worse, trying to silence them) is why there will be a red bloodbath come election time. America is sick of the far left’s arrogance and righteousness. Ask SF, the most liberal city in the most liberal state. They’re finally waking up, and getting unwoke.

    Hopefully it’s not too late for them. Or New York. Or Seattle. Or Portland. Or Chicago. Or Minneapolis.

    DeSantis 2024

  3. Barry and Patrick it is so frightening to know that there are people you share your beliefs, mentality, disrespectful and egoist feelings. You are all wrong.

  4. I believe the Governor’s remarks were about Rogen’s stand on Covid vaccination and not about use of the n-word. I’m not surprised that the Democrats are twisting his words because they have nothing to counter the great job he’s done and this is an election year.

  5. Wow!! The upholding of white supremecy and racism is terrifying!! Everyday is a struggle knowing I’m being viewed as everything but a human that deserves human rights.. ?? Desantis and any/everyone who thinks like him and supports him.. y’all are all a bunch of ignorant murderers!! #AllBlackLivesMatter #AllPowerToThePeople #WhiteSupremecyHasGotToGo

  6. I hear the “N” word a hundred times a day …. ALWAYS used by blacks amongst themselves. YOU cannot have it both ways. I’ve never used the word and I am appalled at its use among blacks.
    Again, we all know the context Rogan used the word. Any intelligent person would NEVER twist this crap around and mischaracterize another’s person

  7. The Governor does not need to apologize for anything. Neither do the sanctimonious despots who want to silence what they don’t want to hear. America was caught off guard when the plandemic began. Parents were terrified. The MSM created a “bring out your dead” scenario. Now, Woke are facing an awakened America and they don’t like it.

  8. It starts. Democrats trying to bring down this governor because they’re afraid and they know they can’t beat him should he run for president. Just goes to show you democrats don’t give a damn for your freedoms. They just want the power by any means!

  9. Gov. DeSantis is for ALL Floridians. Everything he stands for and puts in place is to benefit Floridians. He does not support bigotry and racism, he does however support an individuals right to free speech. He is the best governor Florida has ever had. Far Left ideas will not become the norm here, they aren’t going to fly in Florida.

  10. Anyone here truly courageous enough to use your real name and show who you are. I am around people of different races and colors, when they spate of racist slurs of their own race, does not entice me to participate simply because that’s not who I am. Just because they do, I don’t have to, it’s not who I am or desire to be.

  11. No apology necessary. He is advocating for free speech, however reprehensible you think it is. This was just a minute detail in our Constitution that liberals would love to destroy. If you don’t like what Rohan says, don’t listen. Apparently, many people enjoy his commentary.

  12. You people should practice what you preach. You throw around the “n” word in your daily speech and “music”. I don’t know anyone who refers to that word. Rogan only referred to the use of the word. Governor DeSantis us completely within his rights to defend this man. He is the best Governor
    In our United States

  13. When the black community stops using the N-world then the rest of the world should fall in place. If they can use it, we can too! METOO! Leadership by example or get the F-outta-the-way!

  14. I would actually give validation to all opinions stated if the names of those leaving comments were actually real. My suggestion to everyone is to take an honest look in the mirror, then look at the world in general!! The United States of America is more worried about Ukraine and Russia and the world abroad then what is happening in our own country… Rife with contention and hate dating back to beginning with our so-called forefathers who are lauded yet we’re all bigots in their own right!

  15. I would actually give validation to all opinions stated if the names of those leaving comments were actually real. My suggestion to everyone is to take an honest look in the mirror, then look at the world in general!! The United States of America is more worried about Ukraine and Russia and the world abroad then what is happening in our own country… Rife with contention and hate dating back to beginning with our so-called forefathers who are lauded yet we’re all bigots in their own right!

  16. How entitled you have to be tell people who took a derogatory term and flipped its usage FOR US, that we can not use the word. If he is protecting America’s right to free speech, why is he opposed to critical race theory being taught in schools? Why is that you all are so afraid of America’s TRUE history to come out? Isn’t that a violation of the 1st amendment? So it’s free-speech to use the n word “because they use it” but learning of the true nature of your disgusting people is where you guys draw the line? Because you don’t want your kids to know about the Sun-down towns? You don’t want our youth to know what REALLY happened to Lake Lanier? (I think I’m spelling that wrong) or How you Mayo mobs burned down successful black towns because you were jealous and wanted N words to NEED y’all?

  17. First, Governor DeSantis was talking about the firestorm about Joe Rogan’s information podcasts about COVID treatments and mandates, and their efficacy. Using the logic the senator and his leftist minions are suggesting would mean being upset about a TedTalk about apples where only oranges were mentioned.

    Second, Joe Rogan apologized for using the N-word. I have seen a video of a Black athlete taking a question from a Caucasian upset about this. He stated he knows Joe Rogan and does not believe him to be racist. He followed up by saying Joe Rogan is my n****r.

  18. Gov. Is doing great job. Things said get taken out of context when there is nothing else to attack. He needs not apologize to anybody. He stands for his belief on the vaccinations and that is his choice as well as many others. I pray that it be Gods will to have Ron DeSantis as Florida’s governor again and for his wife to be cancer free. And Joe Rogan needs not to apologize because he is not racist either way you try to make it out and twist it.

  19. The Governor is a Trumpster. Enough said. He then supports tyranny and insurrection against our great Democracy. He is not a good Governor. Never was and never will be. He, like Trump, violate the Constitution. Free speech only counts when he likes it. A typical tyrannical right wing quality.

  20. I am listening to both sides (Democrats and Republicans) as you tear each other apart with your insults. Gov. DeSantis, Rogan…are doing what they’re elected and hired to do. I will continue to sit on the sideline and watch as you-democrats and republicans go at each other. Fortunately, the USA will champion of the people, with no regards your partisanship. It takes no sides-democrat nor republican. She sees no political party, race, ethnicity nor class. It supersedes all that you are fighting each other about. You are two arrogant political groups with self-guided motives. I am only on the sideline watching you two duke it out!


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