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Sen. Scott: Hold Social Security Admin, Not Florida Seniors, Accountable for Overpayments

Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to Kilolo Kijakazi, Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration (SSA), requesting information regarding nearly one million Americans who received a notice they had received too much in their Social Security checks, including thousands of Floridians.

These notices have come as a complete surprise to many seniors in Florida and, if immediately recouped, would bankrupt an untold number of elderly Floridians, according to the Republican Senator.

“Growing up in public housing and to a single mom who had trouble making ends meet, I know how important these programs are for Americans on fixed incomes,” Senator Scott said in the letter.

“If anyone intentionally defrauded the system or lied to receive payments at other taxpayers’ expense, they should absolutely be held accountable and repay this debt to taxpayers,” the Florida Senator continued. “But it’s completely wrong for the federal government to go after well-intentioned Americans who did all the right things and trusted that their government was doing the right thing, too.”

Here is the full letter:


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