Retired Deputy Helps Apprehend 3 Armed Robbers

A quick thinking retired Orange County Sheriff’s deputy intercepted three burglars after following them in his own vehicle around noon on Friday.  The retired deputy pursued the robbers until back-up units arrived and all three suspects arrested.    They have all been charged with armed burglary to a resident and grand theft.

Edmond A. Thompson

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office:

Around 12:15 pm on Friday, August 6, 2010 retired Orange County Sheriff’s deputy, Ron Berman was on his way home when neighbors informed him of a burglary that had just occurred at 7041 Tallowtree Lane, Orlando.  Berman, in his own vehicle followed the truck with the three suspects, while calling for help. Other back-up units arrived and eventually caught up with the truck.  The suspected vehicle used in the burglary pulled into the Lowe’s parking lot on west Colonial Drive and Good Homes Road and one suspect fled into the store. The two other suspects were stopped in the parking lot and arrested.  Deputies cleared the store and shut it down as they searched for the third suspect.  After a brief search, the suspect was found hiding in Lowe’s.

Eric Alvarez

The men arrested are:

Edmond A. Thompson, 18 years (Driver)
Eric Alvarez, 35 years (passenger)
Larry Rodriguez, 39 years (hiding out in Lowe’s)

All three suspects have been charged with armed burglary to a residence and grand theft.  Additional charges are pending.

Larry Rodriguez

The suspects were booked into the Orange County Jail around 6:00 pm, on Friday.

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