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Protest Rally–Stop the Legislature’s Sabotage of Fair Districts

The League of Women Voters of Florida and of Orange County will stand up to the latest power grab by Tallahassee politicians by holding a protest rally Monday at noon in Winter Park. The League will tell the Florida Legislature to stop trying to protect their district lines by undermining a citizen’s petition effort that collected 1.7 million signatures to put Fair Districts Amendments 5 and 6 on the November ballot.

“Enough is enough!” states Deirdre Macnab, state League President. “We are outraged! Legislators are sabotaging the democratic process in the state of Florida and muffling the voices of citizens across this state, as they prepare to vote themselves an amendment that will protect their own jobs.”

Macnab, along with Orange County Presidents Anne Geiger and Charley Williams, and other organizations concerned about voter rights, will protest at one of the crossroads of gerrymandering in Central Florida – the Farmer’s Market in Winter Park, where politicians have drawn their districts literally by looking at which side of the railroad tracks their desired voter lives.

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