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Brooke Bailey, Rashard & the Baby Momma (Video)

Brooke Bailey, seen here in a life.com photo (Photo credit: Life.com)

Orlando Magic is on a winning streak, beating the Bobcats three games to zip.  But, there are reports that Magic’s forward Rashard Lewis not only played in Saturday night’s game in Charlotte, but is playing around with Candy Girls vixen, Brooke Bailey.

Mediatakeout.com is reporting that Bailey and Lewis met on Twitter a few months ago and since then, they have been seen together frequently, out of Orlando.  The online site claims that Brooke has been present on the sidelines at all Orlando Magic’s out of town games.

Now, the NBA baller has a girlfriend, Giovanna of seven years and they have a two-year-old daughter.  Also, there are reports that Giovanna is six months pregnant with Rashard’s second child.

Bailey, a model, has appeared in videos by 50 cents, Rich Boy, Akon and Mims, among others.

We hope that this is not another scandal in the making.

See Brooke Bailey Video

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  1. Come on Rashard! You KNOW the game out here (You are a target!) and should know BETTER than THAT! Plus, not that looks justify cheating on your women but DAMN, she “AIN’T” all THAT when you really take a closer look at her!!!!


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