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Progressive Announces Florida Democratic Party Chair Bid

Dr. Carolina Ampudia, M.D., the immediate past president of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, is running as a current candidate for Florida Democratic Party Chair. She is running on a platform of reforming the state party and pledges a “new age of change” for Florida Democrats.

“We come from the same ranks, fighting for change to improve people’s lives tangibly,” said Dr. Ampudia. We are fighting a corrupt system of favors and backroom deals that continues to taint our party and prevent it from effectively galvanizing the working families across our state. We are tautologically circling the drain within a system in which it is ok for current socalled democratic leaders to participate in obstruction of the democratic process and ignore the working class.”

Dr. Ampudia also announced an endorsement from Progressives for Democracy in America. Progressives for Democracy in America is an organization comprised of activists for justice, environmental issues, healthcare, equality, freedom, peace, education, and opportunities. It has more than 40 active organizations under its umbrella, representing hundreds of leaders and activists.

Our campaign is growing in popularity among the people of this party and seeing support from the public at large,” Dr. Ampudia said. “We remain convinced that we are the only campaign offering a platform with real solutions, concrete plans, powerful ideas, and any real chance at producing the changes we need to rebuild the connection with the community and their trust.”

In addition to reforming the state party and pushing progressive platform, candidate recruitment also seems to be a major area of focus for Florida Democrats looking for change.

“We cannot go on electing the same people, recycling unelectable people unable to win strategically important races, and after they lose, providing them with decisionmaking party roles to save face,” Dr. Ampudia added.Many of our current candidates represent the same politics that have led us to consistent failures, both operationally and at the polls. We need activists with vision, commitment, and, most importantly, an accurate understanding of how to alleviate the suffering of our broad base of voters, of our vibrant communities within our sixty-seven counties spanning from Perdido Key all the way to Key West, and of our Party’s core values writ large.”

“The ground conditions are perfect for a new Donald Trump, a more effective one, to win through deceit and destroy what little is left of the country and the fabric of our freedoms,” she continued. “You can bet it will happen if our party does not change now by focusing on effective communitybased organizing tactics. Despite the lack of media coverage by blogs with ties to Party operatives, which seem to have recklessly disregarded the news that four candidates are in the race, along with party interventionism that silences the voices of the grassroots movement behind this campaign, our message is strong: we are the only campaign with proven results that reach Democrats members and our activists in and out of the state committees. Florida deserves better, and we have the real solutions, the proven experience, and the passion for bringing these bold changes to reality nearly immediately; so that together we can grow our vibrant communities’ bases of support and action.”

Orlando area elected Democrats have endorsed former State Senator Annette Taddeo in the Florida Democratic Party Chair race.

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  1. She’s spot on about pretty much everything!
    Taddeo and Fried have failed. We need new faces in the party and Dr Ampudia represents the people of Fl. Not another bought politician who can’t win elections.


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