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Orlando Democrats Endorse in Florida Democratic Party Chair Race

Orlando area elected Democrats have rallied behind former State Senator Annette Taddeo and endorsed her for Chair of the Florida Democratic Party.

Here is a recap of the local Democratic elected officials who are supporting Taddeo:

Taddeo was endorsed by progressive champion and Orange County State Representative Anna Eskamani.

“I’ve worked with Annette Taddeo in the legislature and know her as a champion for working Floridians.  As Chair of the Miami Dade Democrats, she led major coordinated campaign efforts, and  brought people together to ramp up voter registration numbers, and build volunteer capacity.” said Rep. Eskamani. “As State Party Chair, I am confident she will empower activists with a voice, and focus on organizing building blocks to make our movement stronger from the ground up for long term change. I trust Annette, and am proud to support her bid for Florida Democratic Party Chair.”

She was also endorsed by State Senator Linda Stewart, State Senator Victor Torres, and State Senator Geraldine Thompson. Former Orlando State Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith also added his support to her campaign.

“As Democrats work to rebuild our state party, we need a steady hand at the helm that will help bring together grassroots activists, volunteers, elected officials, and donors,” said State Senator Geraldine Thompson. “I believe Annette is the leader who can bring us together to build a more organized Florida Democratic Party that can deliver results for all Floridians.”

The first member of Generation Z to serve in Congress, Orlando Rep. Maxwell Frost, said Taddeo is the best person for this job.

“After this past cycle, the major takeaway Democrats have across the state is that we have to change the way we do things,” said Rep. Frost. “Through my conversations with Annette over the past few weeks, she has made clear she’s committed to making the necessary changes that will move the party forward. They range from the organizing and staffing of the party, how decisions are made, the consultants we hire, and how organizing will be prioritized first and foremost. Annette understands what it’s going to take to win again and already has the valuable experience of being a successful party chair. She’s also a prolific fundraiser, which will be a critical asset for her and all of us. And above all, she understands how to win and compete in tough seats, by putting organizing at the forefront of your campaign.”

Taddeo also received the endorsement from the first Hispanic of Puerto Rican descent elected to Congress from Florida, Central Florida Congressman Darren Soto, who believes Annette will be ready on day one of the job to rebuild the FDP from the bottom up.

“At a time where democratic turnout was historically low in the last election, particularly in the Hispanic community, we have a lot of work to do. Annette’s experience flipping a state Senate seat from red to blue, as well as serving as a party leader and organizer, makes her uniquely qualified to lead our party at this critical time,” said Rep. Soto. “Republicans have organized year-round with Latino outreach programs not just in South Florida, but in Central Florida as well. I know Annette will focus on getting the job done and give Republicans a run for their money while engaging with Spanish media across the state to counter misinformation and GOP extremism in order to win more elections.”

Orange County DNC Member Vivian Rodriguez is also on Team Taddeo.

“Florida democrats all want the same thing, to win elections! Annette Taddeo has what it takes to turn the red tide. She is a well rounded democrat who has invested her life in the community and serving proudly as a public servant,” said Vivian Rodriguez. “Annette has served as a state Senator, Miami Dade County DEC Chair, DNC Member and is a small business entrepreneur. With over a decade of experience in Florida politics, I believe that Annette has the best qualifications to be the next FDP Chair.”

FDP Vice Chair and Orange County Property Appraiser Amy Mercado also joined a coalition of diverse Democratic leaders from across the state that are supporting Annette Taddeo for FDP Chair.

Dr. Carolina Ampudia, M.D., the immediate past president of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, is also running as a current candidate for Florida Democratic Party Chair.

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