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Pro-Police Grassroots Organization Urges Floridians to Re-Elect DeSantis

As Election Day nears, Governor Ron DeSantis continues to pick up support in his re-election campaign against Democrat Charlie Crist. The American Police Officers Alliance Florida Independent Expenditure Committee launched a Get Out the Vote campaign in Florida to help galvanize Republicans.

“If residents want Florida to continue being a state that upholds the rule of law, voters can’t be complacent,” the organization said in a statement.

The organization is urging voters to support Governor DeSantis due to his proven track record supporting law enforcement. The group noted that Gov. DeSantis signed anti-rioting legislation into law, offered signing bonuses to attract new police officers, and has taken a stand against illegal immigration.

“While the rest of the country has been tolerating crime, riots, and trying to defund the police the past two years, Florida has been supporting law enforcement and the rule of law,” the group wrote in a release. “The entire country can thank Governor Ron DeSantis and the conservative leadership of Republican lawmakers for standing up for police and our communities.”

The committee said they will reach thousands of Floridian voters and through this campaign to encourage them to get them to the polls in November. The multifaceted political campaign will reach out to registered voters via text, social media, and digital advertisement on platforms such as Facebook.

“The failures of the Democrats and their anti-law enforcement agenda is a major opportunity for conservative leadership to take control in November, but it will only happen if pro-law and order citizens show up and vote,” the group added.

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