Pride Fund Announces Endorsements for Florida State Legislature

pridelegislativeendorsePride Fund to End Gun Violence PAC – America’s only LGBTQ organization solely focused on gun violence prevention – announced three new endorsements for the Florida State Legislature. Pride Fund is proud to endorse Carlos Guillermo Smith and Beth Tuura for Florida State House Districts 49 & 47, and Linda Stewart for Florida State Senate District 13. Last month, Pride Fund endorsed congressional candidate Stephanie Murphy, who is running against Republican incumbent John Mica.

“We support these exceptional candidates because each of them has demonstrated steadfast commitment to equality for all citizens, and a work ethic that values the voices of constituents over the distortion of reality by the gun lobby,” said Jason Lindsay, founder and Executive Director of Pride Fund.

“The hatred, bigotry, and homophobia that still exists in Florida has turned deadly thanks to easy civilian access to military style assault weapons,” said Carlos Smith. “I will not rest until we enact common sense gun safety measures to protect our communities from gun violence and keep our neighborhoods safe.”

That was a sentiment echoed by Beth Tuura, who lives less than two miles from the Pulse Nightclub.

“Our legislators are elected to represent the will of the people but once in office they bend to the will of the NRA leadership,” said Tuura. “There is overwhelming support for sensible gun safety laws nationwide. It is time we act. I support passing common sense gun reform. We need to implement universal background checks, restrict access to high-capacity weapons and magazines, and make sure hate-filled people with a history of violence can’t obtain a gun.”

Linda Stewart pointed to her longstanding support for these pressing issues and redoubling her commitment.

“I will do everything I can to fight for the safety and dignity of this community. I will sponsor a bill to restrict assault style weapons, and I will push for harsher penalties for hate crimes,” Stewart said. “After a decade of service, you should know I will stand up and will never be silent, I am with you and you are my family. It wasn’t always easy, and it sure wasn’t always popular, but I fought successfully to amend the Orange County charter to include equal protections for the LGBT community as your County Commissioner, and in the legislature I filed bills to create a statewide domestic partnership registry and boost mental health funding (Florida is dead last, for those keeping score) from existing state revenues on the sale of ammunition and guns. And I did all this because they were the right things to do.”

“Floridians support common sense gun reforms, especially since the horror in Orlando, and they deserve representation in Tallahassee who will fight for the values and safety of American families over those of corporate gun manufacturers,” Lindsay added.



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