Parental Hatred

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I hope all of the mothers and fathers enjoyed their days of recognition in 2016.

I feel sad and get mad when I see young people today that hate one or both of their parents!

No one in the Black family is perfect. If you live long enough all of us will make errors, make mistakes, have indiscretions and do things that we wish we had not done.

Mama didn’t give you life by herself and daddy didn’t cause you to be among the living by himself. They came together and gave you life on this earth together!

When parental couples break up or spouses with children decide to get divorced children are often caught in the middle of grown folks business.

Oftentimes, one parent feels it is becoming or appropriate to disparage or discredit the other parent in an attempt to get children to love one parent and despise the other.

That is wrong!

Children should be taught to love and honor mom and dad. Don’t get it twisted, if a parent is evil, wicked, abusive, violent, disrespectful or hateful, if the children are raised right and educated they can see and determine that for themselves when they become old enough to understand.

I just hate it when a parent suggests that children ignore one parent’s mistakes and hate the other parent for being similarly imperfect.

More often than not, when a mother decides to move from one man to another she falls for the oldest “pimp move” in the world!

The guy she wants to sleep with will say “Thanks for the “cat” but we can’t do anything more serious because you’re going to get back with your baby daddy”.

So, the mom that wants to leave the union will tell the pimp, “No, he’s not like you, he cheats on me, he’s a junkie, he doesn’t work, I pay all of the bills, the children hate their father and love you, he will never be anything and I want you and will never go back to him”.

On the other hand, dads, no doubt, will chase another “cat” after a break up or a divorce but after a long-term relationship or marriage comes to an end most men won’t even consider rushing into a committed relationship or a marriage.

One marriage, for many guys, is like one hit of crack cocaine. One is too much and a hundred (marriages) will never be enough!

Parenting has changed so much. My parents were divorced when I was 10 years old. My parents couldn’t live together but they still had love for each other and both parents loved my sisters and I. Both parents loved us, both parents were proud of us and both parents were eager to do all they could for us.

And we felt the same way about mom and dad.

When mom and dad got into new relationships or new marriages, we respected that but step parents were appreciated for good things they did with our parents but they could never replace our mother and father.

Jesus tells a story in the Biblical book of Luke about a son that pressed his dad to give him all that he wanted but they the son took off and lived high on the hog because he didn’t need daddy any more.

But when times got hard and the money was gone he made his way back to daddy’s house. Daddy didn’t shun him. Daddy didn’t get mad. Daddy welcomed him back with open arms!

Children will always need a father, and mother, that loves them. You may hate your parents now but God will make you go back and recognize a righteous parent, a good parent and a parent that will love you in spite of your errors, in spite of your mistakes, in spite of your craziness and brokenness.

Parental hate must stop! You don’t have to hang out with your parents, kiss their feet or bow down to them. The main thing you should do is recognize them, love them and honor your parents for life because they gave you life!

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