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Representative Antone Postpones Health Disparity Summit

Representative Bruce Antone has announced the postponement of the planned Health Disparity Summit. According to Antone’s office, “the Pulse Nightclub tragedy has significantly impacted the emotional well-being of the Central Florida Community and its residents. At this time, Representative Bruce Antone believes it is befitting and appropriate to postpone the Health Disparity Summit.”

“Representative Bruce Antone apologizes for the inconvenience to the Panelists, Sponsors and Registrants, and he hopes they will understand and support his decision,” his legislative office stated.

A new date, time and details for the Health Disparity Summit will be announced in the near future.

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  1. This is such BS and political pull ! Bruce never had anything Set up . I didn’t receive anything as a resident about this and I haven’t seen this event posted. Elected officials wait until election time to get involved in the community . #Next


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