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Orlando Veterans See Benefits from Virtual Music Program for Therapy

Veteran at CLC taking online guitar lessons from LMT instructor Clay Steininger.

Live Music Tutor, a public benefit corporation, and the Orlando Veterans Affairs Community Living Center (Orlando CLC) partnered to provide relief and hope for veterans. The organizations piloted a virtual music lesson program to see how music could help in the healing of veterans. The pilot was an overwhelming success according to feedback for the Orlando CLC administrators and veterans.

“This is more than just a music lesson, it gives residents something to look forward to as they know twice a week, they have something special they absolutely love to do,” said Mara Adams, Orlando CLC Administrative Officer.

Anitra Eiland, Orlando CLC Nurse Manager, also expressed how much of a transformation has spurred from the music therapy. “Wow, since day one there has been so much growth! I have seen Veterans increase their interaction. They connect by talking about their lessons and what they learn,” she said.

George Meninno, 96-year-old World War II Veteran and Orlando CLC resident, is actively enrolled in the program for voice lessons. “The musical therapy has helped me 100%! I am breathing better, I am learning, and I am singing better,” he said. “Before I thought I was singing well, but now I have much better vocal chords. This has helped me to improve!”

“Most of the VA hospitals across the country use music therapy as a proven treatment, however they have limited resources to reach all veterans that need assistance,” said Ted Gee, President of Live Music Tutor. Music therapy is a treatment to help VA hospital’s quality of life indicators. LMT hopes to assist by providing a solution to improve quality of life indicators with our software technology platform and over 2000 instructors and licensed music therapists internationally.

The pilot program was a huge success and culminated with a virtual holiday concert that was provided by Live Music Tutor instructors taking veteran’s music request and playing holiday songs.

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