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Orlando Trump Supporter Running for Orange County Republican State Committeeman

Randy Ross, an Orlando Donald Trump supporter who is active in Central Florida politics, announced his intention to run for Orange County Republican State Committeeman in 2024.

Paperwork for the party-specific position will be filed in May, but Ross is jumping in early because he believes Republicans need change locally to take on Democrats in Florida.

“Orange County has so much potential,” Ross said. “We simply need to strategize and organize better.”

Ross was the former Orange County for Trump 2016 Chairman and has been a fundraiser for a variety of conservatives. He is also a current member of the 2024 Trump campaign fundraising team. He thinks that experience can help inspire local Republican voters.

“We’ve got to give Orange County Republicans hope,” Ross explained. “I know exactly what we’re missing and what we need in Orange County. The lack of Republicans targeted in Orange County elections illustrates the need for stronger leadership and a new approach.”

The Orange County Republican State Committeeman and Committeewoman are countywide elections reserved for Republican voters only, and considering the politics of greater Orlando that means it’s an election the Republicans will actually win. Ross admitted the Democratic advantage and stronghold, and believes something needs to change.

“This is where we start,” Ross said. “It’s literally the only race Republicans can win in Orange County…for now. I am a fundraiser for conservative candidates including President Trump, but I work, literally, with all in our blue county on community initiatives. We’ve got to change the dynamics of impact or forever give up the conservative voice in Orange County.”

Ross lives in Downtown Orlando and ran against the current State Committeeman, Rich Crotty, in 2020.

“I’m a fan of him [Rich Crotty] but we need to get to work. We can’t afford to no longer fight to be Red in OC. We simply need to bring the best candidates forward,” Ross offered. “Time to roll up our sleeves and change the voter registration numbers of Orange County and ensure no local political race ever doesn’t include a Republican candidate running.”

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