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Libertarian, Navy Veteran Qualifies for U.S. Senate Race in Florida, Challenges Rick Scott

Libertarian Feena Bonoan, a Florida native and Navy veteran, qualified for the U.S. Senate race in Florida, challenging incumbent Republican Senator Rick Scott on tax increases, his “legacy of creating the world’s most expensive healthcare system” and his “dangerous approach to foreign policy.”

Senator Scott is also being challenged by former Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell from Miami.

Feena BonoanAccording to the Libertarian candidate, both Republican Senator Scott and Democrat Mucarsel-Powell support tax increases, more government intervention in healthcare and expanding military conflicts overseas.

Bonoan said she is the only consistent candidate advocating for peace overseas, medical freedom and reducing government overreach into the private business of consenting adults whether through taxes, surveillance or business regulation.

The election will be on the same November ballot as the presidential election this year and turnout will be key to all candidates and political parties, including the Libertarian Party of Florida. Libertarians hope Republicans, Democrats and Independents are looking for something different.

“Floridians are sick and tired of being sick and tired and then paying for the most expensive healthcare system in the world,” Libertarian Bonoan said. “They can thank politicians like Rick Scott and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell who created this healthcare system that profits from the people’s misery. As a veteran, I see this same situation in the VA and we can thank politicians like Rick Scott and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.”

If elected, Bonoan would become the first Libertarian to serve in the U.S. Senate. But she points out that about one-third of all Floridians are not registered with either the Republican Party or Democratic Party, making a large swing vote to decide the outcome of this election.

“Imagine a Senate rooted in the principles of responsible governance, economic freedom, and protection of civil liberties,” Bonoan said.

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