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Senate Candidate Calls Out ‘Insensitivity, Favoritism’ by Florida Democratic Party

Stanley Campbell, a Black Democrat running for the U.S. Senate from Florida, qualified for the ballot for the Democratic primary on August 20th, but he is calling out the Florida Democratic Party for “insensitivity” and “favoritism” in the campaign.

Despite qualifying for statewide office, Campbell, a prominent African-American business man, received no invitation to attend the Biden rally that recently occurred in Tampa. After requesting an invitation, he stood with other attendees while his opponent was invited to the stage as the opening speaker. Later, to the dismay of Campbell and other Black leaders in attendance, she was heralded as the party’s choice before any votes have been cast.

Campbell who began his campaign in October of 2023, said his campaign has visited over 50 Florida counties, racked up over 50 endorsements from elected officials and spoken with countless voters, Democratic leaders, business owners, and over 700 churches, synagogues, and other faith-based organizations throughout the state. He said he was able to accomplish this remarkable feat with hard work, team organization and diligence.

“I’m running a very different kind of campaign because that’s what it’s going to take for a Democrat to win statewide,” Campbell articulated. “I’m not about dialing for dollars now and speaking to voters 30-days from election day, something that Black and Brown voters continually complain about. We’ll all be spending millions on TV and radio commercials to speak with the voters, but with me, they’ll know who is speaking to them and will know me by name. This is a people-centered campaign, and I believe speaking with a diverse group of everyday Floridians – face to face — is how things should be done.

Regarding one of his primary opponents, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, Campbell admits it appears the Democratic Party has chosen their preferred candidate for Florida.

“She appears to have the backing of both the national and state Democratic parties,” Campbell said. “She has raised $7.2 million and spent close to $4.5 million as of the end of the first quarter of 2024, yet a recent USA poll of likely voters indicates that, despite the millions she has spent, 76% of voters either don’t know who she is or don’t like what they hear. Whether the Party wants to admit it or not, this race is wide open and ignoring the preference of a large swath of committed voters does a disservice to those voters at a time when the Democratic Party can ill afford to alienate them.”

The FDP has seemingly rallied behind Debbie Mucarsel-Powell’s candidacy, which does not make all Democrats happy. Campbell also believes his experience is more important than the party support.

“She’s a nice lady,” he continued. “I respect her and her right to run. For me, I believe that my personal experiences and professional solutions-based expertise make me the most qualified person to send to the U.S. Senate in November based on the issues of today.”

Campbell draws on his extensive background in the military as a former Navy pilot, as well as his entrepreneurial acumen in healthcare and security IT.

“With the tactical and strategic knowledge of an experienced Naval Officer and just 20% of the amount in her coffers, I am advancing in this race at a pace that has me positioned to win this primary,” the Democrat said. “I have risen at an unbelievable pace while the party leadership refuses to engage with our candidacy. Our campaign has successfully focused on these invaluable conversations with the people of this great State, and we have now been rewarded with their favor.”

His work in combating Medicare fraud to the tune of over $120,000,000 of fraud penalty each day serves as his pride and his joy because this work serves to extend the life of the Medicare Trust Fund. That could also serve as quite a contrast to incumbent Republican Senator Rick Scott for voters.

Campbell’s campaign platform prioritizes healthcare, a woman’s right to choose, home affordability, jobs, and economic development. Campbell’s positive position on education and justice reform aims to address the critical issues facing many Floridians.

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