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Orlando Representative Joins Delegation Visit to South American Countries

During a week-long landmark congressional delegation trip in South America, Orlando Congressman Maxwell Frost will visit with heads of state, political leaders, and progressive activists in Colombia, Brazil, and Chile.

The trip marks a critical opportunity for members of Congress to strengthen bilateral relations across three of South America’s strongest economies and democracies.

“As Central Florida continues to be an epicenter for tourism and migration from South America, I look forward to being able to visit the democracies of Chile, Brazil, and Colombia firsthand to help strengthen the U.S.‘s relationship with these critical countries as we continue to chart a path forward for foreign policy rooted in our fight for freedom and democracy and against the climate crisis,” said Rep. Frost.

Representative Frost’s visit comes weeks after the Congressman hosted informative roundtables with Colombian, Brazilian, and Chilean leaders across Central Florida to hear directly from constituents on the issues top of mind in their respective home countries.

Rep. Frost hosting roundtables with Colombian, Brazilian, and Chilean leaders across Central Florida, ahead of trip.

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