Orlando Printer SunDance Begins Stand-Up Pouch Production with Ares 400-SUP

Busy shoppers are gravitating to products packaged in stand-up pouches thanks to their convenience, visual appeal and durability. Orlando commercial printer SunDance is now offering this popular type of flexible packaging with its recent acquisition of the Hudson-Sharp Ares 400-SUP machine. The award-winning local printing company has expanded its flexible packaging offerings with stand-up pouches, favored both by consumers and brands.

“The Ares 400-SUP is a great addition to our company’s growing pouch production,” commented JohnHenry Ruggieri, the president of SunDance. “With the machine, small but growing brands will be able to take advantage of stand-up pouches to better market their product.”

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The pouch machine produces flexible pouches with low scrap rates, which reduces material waste. It also features a compact, efficient and easy-to-use design, allowing for quick changeovers for short and medium-run production.

As the first certified Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) offset printer in Florida, SunDance’s curated equipment aligns with its sustainability and quality standards — like the Ares-SUP.

The machine is able to run recycle-ready PE, laminated films, paper and bio-films, as well as produce various structures with crisp graphics and vibrant colors. For example:

  • Stand-Up Pouches
  • Stand-Up Pouches with Zipper
  • 3-Side Seal Pouch
  • 3-Side Seal Pouch with Zipper

Earlier this year, SunDance introduced child-resistant pouches to serve clients who require a higher level of product protection without sacrificing packaging appeal. Once again, the Orlando-based commercial printer is expanding production to include stand-up pouches to provide brands of any size with more flexible packaging options.

Since 2007, SunDance has served as a multi-channel marketing solutions company that offers creative design, print, web and more. SunDance’s innovative work has received top accolades, including Florida’s Best Printer Golden Flamingo Award. The company is also a certified Women’s Business Enterprise and the first certified offset Sustainable Green Printer in Florida.


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