Orlando Police Department Welcomes 22 New Recruits

The Orlando Police Department held a swearing in ceremony for the city’s newest 22 recruits. Nearly half have served in other agencies and bring a combined 50 years of experience to the local police force. Nearly one quarter of the Orlando police recruits grew up right here in Central Florida, some are bringing military experience, and one played for the Orlando Solar Bears.

One recruit, Officer Makenson Chery, who was an Orlando Police Explorer years ago, now has come full circle in working for OPD. He talked about how the Explorer program and supervisor SRO Scott Daniels had a positive impact on his youth. Officer Chery grew up in Parramore, Washington Shores, and Pine Hills, and has served the Sanford Police Department for 2 years. He talked about the impact SRO Daniels had on his life through the Explorer program.

Officer Makenson Chery and SRO Scott Daniels (OPD)

“The real definition of policing is out to make a difference,” Officer Chery said. “And I think my calling is to make a difference.” He reflected on the importance of growing up in the area so he can relate to the younger folks that live within those communities who may have lost hope, or may have lost faith in the local police. Officer Chery said that he walked the same road they have, and he wants to be an active force in making a difference.

“You are the individuals we felt had the highest standards needed to be part of the Orlando Police Department and a member of law enforcement,” OPD Chief Orlando Rolón said. “Although at times you might hear otherwise, always remember, most of the citizens in our community appreciate and support you.”

OPD Chief Rolón added the recruits are held to “higher expectations than other professions.”

And if you want to learn more about the Orlando Police Explorer program, click here.

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