Orlando Offers an Average of This Many Sq. Ft. for $1,500 Rent

As housing costs continue to increase around Orlando, apartment space remains a top priority for renters locally and nationwide. To help them get the best value for their money, RentCafe recently calculated how much square footage renters can enjoy on a monthly budget of $1,500.

For $1,500 a month, which is roughly the national average rent price, here is how much apartment space renters can enjoy in Orlando:

  • $1,500 stretches to 775 sq. ft of apartment space in the city, placing Orlando 43rd in our top 50 best cities for renters, ranked according to the amount of square footage they offer for this amount of money.
  • Apartments in Orlando have an average size of 963 sq. ft., and with rental prices reaching around $1,864 a month, renters here have to sacrifice a little space to stay within budget and enjoy the other perks the city has to offer.
  • Apart from great access to natural amenities and amazing theme parks, Orlando boasts the 3rd highest job growth among all the best cities for renters — 9.2%, and the 7th highest number of new business applications. The city has many highly rated schools, and almost 26% of apartments are in coveted locations.
  • Looking at other Florida markets ranked as this year’s best cities for renters, Tallahassee offers the most apartment space on this budget – 1,080 sq. ft. In Jacksonville, $1,500 stretches to 976 sq. ft. of living space, while in Tampa, renters will get 743 sq. ft.

To see which of the 50 best cities for renters are more generous in terms of apartments space and how much square footage they offer for a budget of $1,500, you can read the full RentCafe report here.

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