Here’s How Much Apartment Space $1,700 Will Rent You in Greater Orlando

How much apartment space can you get renting in Orlando and how does it compare to the rest of Florida? After all, one of the most important aspects when browsing for a place to rent is the size of the apartment, and as we spend increasingly more time at home, more spacious apartments are in higher demand. Not only that, rent is out of control all around Orlando.

So where exactly in Florida would renters get the most bang for their buck?

We may have some answers thanks to a study that looked at how much space you can get for the state’s average rent of $1,700 in 99 Florida cities, completed last month by RentCafe, an apartment search website and research blog.

On average, renters in Orlando can get 918 sq. ft., which is about 25% more apartment space compared to what you can rent for the same amount in Miami.

Of the 99 Florida cities included in our research, Panama City had the largest and Coral Gables had the smallest apartments for $1,700, offering 1,356 and 506 square feet, respectively, for that price. Titusville, Ormond Beach, Winter Haven, and Tallahassee were the top 5 cities with most apartment space for $1,700.

In terms of space in Metro Orlando, here are some other takeaways for different areas:

  • Orlando apartments are the 2nd least spacious in this metro area.
  • For the average rent of $1,700, renters in Maitland can get the least apartment space: 844 sq. ft.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, Longwood offers the most apartment space for this budget: 1,168 sq. ft. Next up are Clermont (1,116 sq. ft.) and Winter Springs (1,019 sq. ft.).
  • At the state level, the smallest apartments for this amount are in Coral Gables (506 sq. ft.), while the ones that offer the most space are in Panama City (1,356 sq. ft.).

In Florida, the study found renters can get 919 sq. ft. of apartment space for $1,700, on average. There is a calculator included by RentCafe at the end of the findings to determine how much space you can rent in Florida on your budget in the various cities.

Are you getting more space for your buck, or spending more money to live in Orlando?


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