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Orlando International Airport Raising Parking Prices

Orlando International Airport Terminal CFor the first time in years, Orlando International Airport announced parking prices will be increasing next year.

Orlando International Airport will raise the price to park on site by $2 no matter what option you choose.

All of the Orlando airport parking garages – A, B and C – will increase to $21 a day. The economy parking lot will increase to $12 a day. Valet parking will be $27 a day.

The Aviation Authority last adjusted its public parking fee structure in 2017. Since then, passenger traffic has increased dramatically along with operational and maintenance costs. Following two public hearings presented by GOAA parking operations staff, the Board approved a revised rate structure that will phase in over the next two years.

According to reports, the adopted rate structure is expected to increase annual parking revenue by $260,000 starting October 2022 and $2,800,000 starting October 2023.

Officials also stated MCO rates were compared to airport parking rates in Miami, Tampa, Atlanta and public parking facilities in Central Florida and were found to be comparable.

Fee structure effective October 1, 2022

  • Garage C — $19.00 a day

Fee structure effective October 1, 2023

  • Garages A, B & C — $21.00 a day
  • Economy Lots — $12.00 a day
  • Valet — $27.00 a day

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