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Orlando Congressman Responds to Republican Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden

Orlando Congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost, a Democrat, released a statement following Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s announcement that the House of Representatives is launching a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

“With less than 20 days until a catastrophic government shutdown, Speaker McCarthy – who has spent the last nine months unable to convince his own party to pass even the simplest pieces of legislation – has become a Speaker in name only, caving to the MAGA wing of his caucus without even a fight,” Rep. Frost said in a statement.

Rep. Frost also pointed out that just days ago, Speaker McCarthy admitted he did not have enough Republican support for a vote on the House floor. He also said that voters in Florida were not interested in talk of impeachment.

“Floridians and Americans know this impeachment inquiry is nonsense and more about seeking revenge than ensuring the future of our Democracy, intended to create a political spectacle over unproven allegations against President Biden’s family,” Rep. Frost continued. “Speaker McCarthy and his Republican allies are playing with the well-being of our nation for sport, and the American people are taking note.”

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