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Orlando City Commissioner Candidate Says Remove BLM on Downtown Street

One Orlando City Commissioner candidate is calling for the removal of the “Black Lives Matter” mural painted on Rosalind Avenue in downtown near Lake Eola.

Randy Ross, who is a conservative challenging longtime incumbent Commissioner Patty Sheehan, said it was time to remove the BLM mural because some chapters of the organization have supported Hamas terrorists against Israel.

“Are you OK with BLM on Rosalind – knowing the organization supports Hamas terrorism?” the candidate’s political graphic reads. “Time to remove it!”

Ross, a Republican, also noted that “the numbers are there” for conservatives to flip this district, especially due to expected low voter turnout in Orlando municipal elections. Commissioner Sheehan is a Democrat and has been endorsed by the Florida Democratic Party in the upcoming Orlando election. The Orange GOP also made Republican recommendations and is supporting Ross for City Commissioner in District 4.

“It’s time to take our Orlando City Hall back from extremism and focus on making it a great place to live, work and play again,” Ross posted. “Not a City focused on division.”

Here is the political graphic from candidate Randy Ross:

He said he approved the message calling for the removal of BLM on Rosalind because he is “ready to fight to keep our City Beautiful, but I can’t do that if you don’t get out and vote.”

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