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Orange GOP Recommends Candidates for Orlando Mayor & Commissioner

The Orange GOP, formerly known as the Orange County Republican Executive Committee, has recommended two mayoral candidates challenging Democrat Buddy Dyer and one City Commissioner candidate in District 4.

According to the Orange GOP Voter Guide for the upcoming Orlando municipal elections on November 7th, Republican voters should support either Steve Dixon or Tony Vargas over the longtime Democratic incumbent. Neither likely has any chance in the Democratic city, but turnout is usually low. Dyer’s other opponent in the race, former Commissioner Sam Ings, is also a Democrat.

While local Republicans couldn’t decide on just one candidate for Mayor, the Orange GOP did endorse Randy Ross for District 4 City Commissioner against incumbent Patty Sheehan. Commissioner Sheehan was endorsed by the Florida Democratic Party and is seeking her 7th term.

Ross is running with the campaign message of “Don’t San Francisco Our Orlando,” calling out tent cities, rent control, vendors and lobbyists running City Hall, rampant homelessness and urine soaked sidewalks, and other issues including calling for the removal of the BLM logo downtown, saying the organization supports Hamas terrorism.

Because of typically very low turnout for Orlando municipal elections, Ross believes Republicans can flip this seat on the City Commission, but Sheehan has historically been a strong candidate in every election.

“The numbers are there, conservatives,” Ross said in a campaign message. “Let’s flip this seat Tues., Nov. 7th. But you have to get out and vote.”

The Orange GOP made no recommendation in the District 6 City Commissioner election.

“We need to fight for the men and women of Orlando because the City of Orlando does not fight for them,” Ross added.

The Florida Democratic Party endorsed Buddy Dyer in the nonpartisan race for Mayor, Patty Sheehan in the nonpartisan race for District 4 Commissioner, and Bakari Burns in the race for nonpartisan District 6 Commissioner – all incumbents.

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