Orlando, a City Beautiful, #OrlandoStrong

OrlandoWeepsI weep with Orlando.

There are no words to describe the violation and horror of this profoundly disturbing tragedy.

Our city, despite its political dysfunction has been brought together finally, in a tragically perverse Columbine-Virginia Tech-Sandy Hook sort of way.

This ripping away of our innocence is almost too much to bear, but I am proud of Orlando. I am proud of this city, warts and all.

And despite our major disagreements with Mayor Buddy Dyer on just about everything, I’m proud of the way he has handled this, his leadership has been stellar, perfect even. Thank you, Mayor Dyer.

I will forever applaud the Orlando Police Dept, the Orange Country Sheriffs Office, Police Chief Mina and Sheriff Jerry Demings for their bravery and sacrifices. God knows they’re never shown the appreciation and respect they deserve for their service to this community.

And I will forever embrace this city and my connection to it. A city that always finds a way to heal itself.

We did it after the execution of three of Orange County’s finest in 1984, after the devastation of Hurricane Charlie. We marched together during the Occupy Orlando days, and bounced back when the Magic lost.

And, we’ll do it again.

But, most important, i will always love the people of this community for you are in my blood like holy wine.

And you must now take your rightful place on the big stage of great American City’s and stand tall as Orlando, a City Beautiful, #OrlandoStrong.



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