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Orangewood Christian School Hosts Tech Fest by Full Sail University

Orangewood Christian School will be amping up their technology curriculum and devices over the coming years for students and faculty. One of the ways they will be innovating this year will be to host Tech Fest by Full Sail University.

Full Sail will be transforming OCS’s gym and worship area into an immersive 5 station event where students will experience  AR/VR Simulations, 2D/3D Animations, Game Design, and Emerging Technologies. In addition to experiencing emerging technologies in education and the business world, students will have the opportunity to compete in Full Sail’s first-ever eSports tournament for high school students.

OCS students will compete in the eSports tournament during their English classes. The top 3 finishers in each period will be invited back to Full Sail’s eSports arena, the “Fortress” on Saturday, November 12th. OCS students will compete among the other 230 student finishers for an opportunity of earning a $10,000 scholarship to Full Sail, and possibly pursue a place on their eSports Team, the Armada.

OCS’s Director of Instructional Technology & Innovation Matt Eggert is extremely energized and humbled at the opportunity to host such an event.

“We love a catalyst like this that helps spark the creativity and ingenuity of our amazing students to help us transform our traditional learning environment into a school where we can be at the forefront of innovation and instructional design,” said Eggert. Full Sail is a partner that can help us make that dream become a reality, and we are so excited that our students are receiving this opportunity.”

Orangewood Christian School was just selected in October 2022 as an Apple Distinguished School for the 2022 – 2025 school years.

The Tech Fest will take place on Friday, November 4th at 1300 W. Maitland Boulevard, Maitland, Florida.

Founded in 1980, Orangewood Christian School is a private, Christian and college preparatory school, grades K4-12 offering the highest level of academic achievement.

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