OC Deputies, Good Samaritans rescue Woman from Pond

A woman was pulled out of her vehicle by Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) deputies and passers-by, after her car careened off the road and ended up in a retention earlier this morning, OCSO deputies said.

According to OCSO:

At approximately 9:02 AM today Orange County Deputies responded to assist with a single car crash at State Roads 417 and 408.  The vehicle involved lost control, slid off of the road way, and came to rest on its roof in a shallow retention pond.  Three deputies entered the pond and made contact with the loan occupant.  They were unable to open the car’s doors and were concerned that the car could slide into deeper water.  The deputies attempted to roll the car on its side to get door windows above the water line, however the vehicle proved to be too heavy.  They asked for assistance from citizens who had gathered at the crash scene and, in the words of one of the deputies, all he could hear were the splashes of six or seven good Samaritans who, without hesitation, jumped into the pond and provided muscle necessary to roll the car on its side.  With the rear passenger window of the car above the water line one of the deputies was able to use his “Punch” device to break the window.  The deputies then assisted the woman out of her car.


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