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NovaCHARGE EV Chargers & Cloud Solution Implemented in Heart of Orlando’s Theme Parks

Reedy Creek Improvement District announced last month that it has deployed NovaCHARGE NC-8000 EV chargers and the ChargeUP next-generation EVSE cloud network solution at multiple garages at the Disney Springs entertainment complex.

NovaCHARGE accomplished this deployment in working with Reedy Creek, who is charged with managing land use and environmental protection for 19 landowners, including the Walt Disney Company. The deployment marked a leap forward in EVSE services for the Disney Springs garages.

NovaCHARGE was tasked by Reedy Creek to replace a well-recognized supplier’s solution that had continual frequent outages at over 50% of the installed chargers and were offering substandard response times to frequent service requests. These issues often left drivers unable to charge their vehicles and unhappy about their EV experience at Disney Springs.

Steve Mendygral, Operations Supervisor at Reedy Creek, summarized the deployment experience by saying, “NovaCHARGE came in and installed nine, networked, state-of-the art chargers in a single day. Daily charging sessions across all the chargers increased 49% in the early months post installation.”

NovaCHARGE deployed nine NC-8000 Level 2 charging units across the three garages and migrated the customer to its next-generation ChargeUP cloud solution.

At the start of implementation¬†Oscar Rodriguez, executive chairman of NovaCHARGE, said,¬†“We are pleased to leverage the latest NovaCHARGE NC-8000 series hardware and utilize our ChargeUP cloud software to ensure that Reedy Creek has a world-class EV charging infrastructure. Reedy Creek is the type of challenge we relish. Bringing their charging units up-to-date and incorporating our next-generation EVSE administrative network and app solves problems for novice EV drivers, tourists, and Reedy Creek’s management team simultaneously.”

NovaCHARGE’s ChargeUP network has completed one-year of deployments across a variety of locations and use-cases including customers with fleets, workplace charging, public/retail charging, and high-density residential deployments.

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