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Local Comedic Autobiography Seeks to Transform Diversity in Technology

Photo Credit: Janet Randolph

Joshua “TechDev” Walker is a staple in the local Orlando area Technology scene. A friend invited him to the JavaScript Meetup 7 years ago, and that is when his journey began from Homeless Veteran to Tech Boss in the comedic autobiography, “Venti Fried Chicken.”

As a Certified AWS Architect for a Top 100 Firm, and a Co-Founder of BOT, Josh knew it was time to write his story to inspire Black people and minorities everywhere through pop-culture and comedy to dispel the myth that a career in Technology is unattainable.

“I wrote ‘Venti Fried Chicken’ due to representation being one of the most important concepts as I’m speaking to a body of historically disenfranchised groups that were intentionally or unintentionally shut out of the lucrative sectors of humanity, including Technology,” says author Joshua Walker. “This is also my attempt at Ryu Hadouken upper-cutting stereotypes that traditionally narrow the scope of possible careers for people of color. The goal for this book is to give painfully transparent stories, concepts, and principles to help break down mental blocks, elitist folklore, and highlight practical actions to help humanize the landscape for anyone looking to get in the field of technology.”

Over the years, Josh has become known as the speaker who is able to take what some may feel are difficult topics, and make them funny and relatable through the use of pop-culture. Knowing his own upbringing and seeing the minimal attendees within the Tech community that were Black, he combined efforts with a few other Black Technologists and Entrepreneur’s in Orlando to create Black Orlando Tech. Black Orlando Tech has since become a Non-Profit Organization with the mission of increasing awareness, activities, network, and resources for local minorities who pursue careers in Technology by over 10,000 people by the year 2025.

Venti Fried Chicken is now available for purchase on in Print and eBook.

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