Legislation Would Reform Process of Recalling Homeowners Association Directors

Kissimmee State Representative Kristen Arrington introduced HB 1259, an Act to reform the process of recalling Homeowners Association Directors, and Orlando State Senator Victor Torres filed the companion legislation, SB 1688. This act would supersede homeowner’s association (HOA) governing document guidelines to allow for a recall of a director with a signed petition of 60% of the parcel owners whose parcels are their homesteads.

“This bill would allow for the home owners who reside in these associations to be able to hold directors more accountable for the decisions that they make,” said Representative Arrington. “We know this issue is of paramount concern to residents living in the Poinciana area of Osceola County.”

“I have worked with residents of several HOA communities over the past few years who have been in conflict with members of their Homeowner’s Association Boards,” said Senator Victor M. Torres, Jr.  “The Community Recall Act will help streamline the process for residents of HOA communities to begin a recall process for any board members they believe are exceeding their authority in their capacity as HOA Board members.”


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