Is America in Decline? Yes

Forget the bling, the Hummers, the glitz and glamour: Frugal is the new cool in a declining economy where those who know best are tightening their belts. America is seeing a major restructuring of its economy as consumers hold back on their spending on everything from cosmetic surgery to bookstore purchases. It’s a brave new world in America, and the era of wild spending is over.

The downfall of the economy in 2008 was a major psychological shock to most Americans, who foolishly believed housing prices would go up forever, and that nobody would really have to work for a living anymore (we could all live off our rising home values, people thought). Interestingly, this shock is taking people back to the kind of mentality this nation hasn’t seen since the Great Depression, when frugal wasn’t just cool, it was necessary for survival!

In the Great Depression, people didn’t spend money on disposable household dusters or oversized Ford Excursion vehicles that can seat a family of ten. They bought things once, and they shopped for quality. In the Great Depression, a cooking pan was made of iron or steel and it lasted twenty years. Today, a cooking pan is made of aluminum coated with toxic anti-stick chemicals, and it lasts twelve months.

America is a nation in decline, and its people are going to have to get used to the new era of frugality if they don’t want to become victims of that decline. The outrageous booms of the dot-com era and the housing bubble era are now clearly over, and a new era of saving and conserving is already underway.

And yet the psychological shock the American people have experienced so far is nothing compared to the shock headed their way in 2009 – 2012 as the American empire collapses upon itself. The People are still not ready to face the reality of what’s been unleashed. The American empire simply cannot survive its own debt, and it’s only a matter of time before the bills come due and, much like the citizens of America, Uncle Sam will soon find himself in foreclosure.

Be prepared, folks, and be frugal. Save your money and buy quality items that will last a decade or more. Learn to conserve money and you stand a greater chance of financially surviving the events that are about to unfold in America.

By: Mike Adams


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