Inside The Magic: Characters Through the Years Premieres January 9th

In the upcoming edition of INSIDE THE MAGIC, FOX Sports Florida and Sun Sports take a light-hearted look back at some of the Magic’s more memorable characters and events over the years.  Magic fans might be able to recite team stats, but how many recall the good old days when a team road trip left Shaquille O’Neal, Penny Hardaway and Nick Anderson stranded in an Allentown, PA, hotel for three days during a massive blizzard – alongside Marilyn Manson’s band, Sesame Street On Ice and an Eastern European wedding party no less?  Fans will enjoy hearing this and many more off-the-wall stories in the next edition of Inside the Magic.

Hosted by Whit Watson, INSIDE THE Magic: Characters Through The Years premieres statewide on FOX Sports Florida immediately following the Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks game telecast on Thursday, January 8, at 10pm and premieres on Sun Sports Tuesday, January 13, at 9pm.

A few highlights from this unique show include:

* Pat Williams, the ultimate multi-tasker and original character in franchise history.
* Scott Skiles and his confrontation with Shaquille O’Neal during team practice in the early ‘90s.
* Darrell Armstrong’s rise from obscurity to the NBA, his previous life as a kicker in college wearing only Chuck Taylors and his pre-game coffee regimen.
* O’Neal and Dennis Scott’s biggest car stereo competition, Scott’s cable TV show and O’Neal breaking backboards twice in Phoenix & New Jersey.
* And the infamous hotel stay when en route to Philadelphia the team was diverted to Allentown, PA, due to a massive blizzard.  O’Neal, Penny Hardaway and Nick Anderson and their teammates were stuck for three days alongside Marilyn Manson’s band, Sesame Street On Ice and an Eastern European wedding party.

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