Increased Demand for Nude Pickleball in Florida

Apparently, nude pickleball is taking off in Florida. Clothing-optional resorts across the country are advertising their pickleball facilities, holding pickleball tournaments, and putting in more pickleball courts to meet the demand. But The Pickler recently discussed the increased demand for nude pickleball.

One resort The Pickler focused on was Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, right here in Central Florida.

Acording to the report, a pickleball ambassador said there are efforts arranging home-and-away pickleball matches with other Florida nudist resorts. They are also getting ready for the community’s July 4th pickleball tournament, which is called the “Clothing Independence Day Tournament.”

They reported another Florida nudist camping spot, the Eden RV Resort, in Pasco County has 30 people play clothing-optional pickleball every day.

Read more about how nude pickleball is taking off at The Pickler.


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