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ICYMI: Buddy Dyer Got His COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shot

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer got his COVID-19 booster shot last week. Dyer continues to urge local residents to get the vaccine or get boosted against the coronavirus, to move the community forward.

“Susie and I have received our COVID-19 vaccine booster shots,” Mayor Dyer posted with his shot photo. “We want to continue protecting ourselves from the serious impacts of the virus and play a role in moving our community forward.”

Dyer has been a consistent local voice urging Orlando residents to get vaccinated and take precautions, but he faded behind Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, who took the lead during the pandemic for the area. Dyer’s social media post about the COVID-19 vaccine booster shot was another way he could urge others to consider the vaccine and booster.

Mayor Dyer has also been busy donating blood. “The need for blood donors remains high. “I’ve been able to donate blood a few times during the pandemic and encourage you to join me and so many others and help save lives by donating,” Dyer posted.

If you got the COVID-19 vaccine, do you plan on getting your booster?

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