Goodwill Helps Connect Job Seekers with Open Positions in Central Florida

With the emergence of over 84,000 new jobs in Florida and over 500,000 Floridians still unemployed, helping connect job seekers to careers is more important than ever. Goodwill’s job connection team is hosting a series of free, virtual webinars to help guide this process, with sessions offering tips on building a resume, networking, changing career paths and even having a criminal record sealed and expunged. Here are the details on the series of webinars for job seekers that Goodwill is hosting this month:

On Tuesday, Nov. 9th, Goodwill Industries of Central Florida’s virtual job connection team will partner with Indeed to host a free webinar for job seekers. The virtual session will teach participants how to properly format a résumé, as well as the search keywords hiring managers look for. Interested participants must register in advance.

On Thursday, Nov. 11th, Goodwill will give tips on effective job search techniques. This virtual course will teach participants how to navigate exploring potential vacancies that fit their skills and interests, including what key words to look for. The session will also focus on how to avoid the most common search mistakes. Interested participants must register in advance.

On Wednesday, Nov. 17th, Goodwill will partner with Seminole County Bar Association Legal Aid Society, Inc. to host a free webinar on sealing and expungement. This virtual session will walk participants through the process of sealing or expunging a criminal record on their own, including eligibility requirements. Research has shown that relief from the stigma associated with a criminal record leads to improved outcomes when seeking employment. Interested participants must register in advance.

On Thursday, Nov. 18th, Goodwill will host a free webinar for job seekers who are interested in exploring a new career path. This virtual course will offer tips for finding employment opportunities that align with experience, training, interests and values. Interested participants must register in advance.

While the unemployment rate is now under 5% in Central Florida, there are still many people searching for their next career opportunity, making Goodwill’s job connection services more important than ever to the community. Employment specialists have been working virtually with job seekers to update résumés, practice interviewing and apply for openings online.


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