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Ganadores Inversiones Bienes Raíces Hosts Winners Summit

Ganadores Inversiones Bienes Raíces announced an attendance of over 100 students at Cumbre, the company’s IBR Winners Summit in Las Vegas. This year, Ganadores IBR said it expanded the organization with an increased staff and a new location for their Orlando, Florida headquarters in order to fulfill the increasing demand of new candidates wishing to enter its program.

Throughout the two-day conference, participating students from 18 states including Puerto Rico heard from experts in areas of finance, accounting, private insurance and residential and commercial real estate investments. In addition to the educational opportunity, students made valuable connections and contacts throughout the industry, both from exhibitors and fellow attendees.

“We were honored to bring such valuable information to our Real Estate Winners,” Richard Álvarez, CEO of Ganadores IBR said. “Making contacts in this industry is critical to success. My passion is to support the Latino community and help our fellow Hispanic real estate investors to develop partnerships with leaders who will assist them on building their futures.”

The IBR Winners Summit is an extension of Gandaores IBR’s real estate investment training and mentorship program, which is designed specifically for Latino communities throughout the United States. This year’s event speakers included Joaquin Toro, Marco Alfaro, Arturo Borges, and Richard Alvarez. Some of the event’s most popular sessions included How to Finance Commercial Real EstateMaking Friendships, and How to Build a Winning Team.

Ganadores Inversiones Bienes Raíces was founded in 2018. It mentors Latin American immigrants throughout the U.S. by teaching them an effective and proven system for investing in real estate. Led by CEO Richard Álvarez, Ganadores IBR conducts hundreds of sold-out seminars and workshops throughout the year in key U.S. markets. The organization is also responsible for the development of Casa Mar Azul, the first LEED Certified Platinum container home in Puerto Rico.

To date, Ganadores IBR has mentored over 4,000 Latinos across 40 markets with several thousand students enrolled in its seminars and workshops.

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