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Florida Senator Rubio Criticizes Census Bureau for Gender Identity Question

The U.S. Census Bureau asked President Joe Biden’s Democratic administration for permission to ask questions about the gender identity of respondents aged 15 and above. By adding these questions, the U.S. Census Bureau is pushing a narrative that is harmful to minors and undermines the reality of biological sex.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Ohio Senator JD Vance sent a letter to the U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert Santos requesting that he rescind polarizing and unscientific questions on gender identity.

“Biology determines gender, not subjective belief, and the bureau should not jeopardize the legitimacy of crucial statistical information by endorsing unscientific and untrue concepts like gender identity,” the Republican Senators’ letter said. “For generations, the American people have looked to the U.S. Census as an unbiased, authoritative source describing the objective reality of life in America. It is not worth sacrificing this trust to advance controversial social ideas through government surveys.”

The Republicans also said the notion of “gender identity” is unscientific, subjective, and political. They added, “common sense and basic biology tell us that gender is not a matter of subjective belief; it is rooted in objective reality.”

The full text of the letter regarding the Census Bureau asking about gender identity is below:


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