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Florida Republican Candidate for Congress Responds to Dr. Jill Biden Comments

Republican candidate for Congress Lt. Colonel (Retired) Al Santos, running in the primary for Florida’s 7th District, reacted to the comments made by First lady Jill Biden during a conference of Latino civil rights group UnidosUS.

“All Hispanics are outraged that stereotyped expressions of this nature persist against our community,” Santos said. “These words expose the hypocrisy and lack of respect for the entire Hispanic community. Comparing our people to tacos eaten for breakfast is demeaning and needs to stop.”

Santos, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico, called on the Biden Administration to cease and desist from the insults and demagoguery against the Latino community.

“We Hispanics are hard-working, intelligent, productive people who pay our taxes. Enough of so much discrimination. Enough of so many insults,” added Santos. “It is time to wake up. Wake up Hispanic brother. Wake up Boricua and demand respect. Demand that they treat you and us as they do others, and that discriminatory practices end. This administration has divided our nation. It is because of these practices that Hispanics are abandoning the ranks of the Democratic Party and registering as Republicans.”

The First Lady apologized after the National Association of Hispanic Journalists said the “as unique as the breakfast tacos” comment was culturally inappropriate.

Lt. Colonel Santos is campaigning on his biography of being a decorated combat veteran with a distinguished record of more than 30 years of service from the United States Army. He served in Afghanistan, Colombia as well as in several American Embassies in different parts of the world. He is the only Latino candidate in the race.

The Republican primary for Florida’s Congressional 7th District, which includes Seminole and Volusia counties, will be on August 23rd.

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