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Florida Democratic Party Calls for Investigation into Republican Senator

In the wake of multiple reports about physical assault and sexual harassment at a women’s shelter by Republican State Senator Tom Wright, the Florida Democratic Party called reports “truly sickening” and Democrats are calling for an investigation.

“The reports coming out of Volusia County are damning,” said FDP Chair Nikki Fried. “There is no excuse for Senator Wright to lay a hand on anyone, much less a woman working to protect her clients at a shelter for abused women. And the additional reports about his prior attempts to flirt with young clients at that same shelter — involving discussions of prostitution and offers of expensive trips — are truly sickening.”

The Florida Senator, who has an office in Port Orange and represents parts of parts of Brevard County and Volusia County, offered to take domestic-violence survivor Shelby Dunlap to Las Vegas and talked with her about Cuban prostitutes and topless women during a bus trip several years ago, she told The News-Journal. Other complaints and allegations were also made against the State Senator.

“This is yet another example of a powerful man using that power to manipulate women — a problem that seems pervasive in today’s Republican Party,” Florida Democratic Party Chair Fried added. “We demand that President Passidomo conduct a full and transparent investigation into Senator Wright’s actions — the women of Florida deserve nothing less.”

Senate President Kathleen Passidomo may have to act or speak on the reports if a planned official complaint makes it to the Senate Ethics Committee. Meanwhile, Florida Democrats are still calling for an investigation.

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