Florida AG Sues Rip-Off LoanMod Company

Florida’s Attorney General, Bill McCullum, recently filed a law suit against 21st Century Legal Services Inc., a California Corporation that claimed to offer loan modification services to consumers in Florida, in exchange for compensation.

According to the law suit, 21st Century Legal Services engaged in face-to-face solicitation, telemarketing, direct mail, and e-mail and internet solicitation to obtain consumers.

Homeowners trying to save their houses from foreclosure were charged as much as $2,500 for the services of 21st Century Legal Services.  However, loan modification services were not delivered by the Corporation, although fees were handed over my customers.  The suit alleges that the company engaged in deceptive and unfair practices in the marketing of loan modification and foreclosure-related rescue services.

See complaint against 21st Century Legal Services Here

Florida joins several other states suing 21 Century Legal Services, including Wisconsin, Arkansas and Ohio.


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